Grilling Guide

Up Your Marinade Game This Year

It’s time to uncover the grill and throw on the first meat of the season. Ensure you’re ready with the best lineup of marinades.  Every year, when it’s time to take the cover off the grill, the list of possibilities grows by the day. There are many things you can cook on a grill that are both delicious and artistic. Obtaining perfectly cooked meat with the juiciest flavor is always a challenge for a chef with tongs.  To help get things started right, we have a list of delicious ways to up your marinade game this year. Whether you are looking to use a chicken marinade or a steak marinade, get ready to phone your friends for a delicious meal on the grill!

Salsa Macha

Not many people know that salsa pairs beautifully with more than just chips. A unique way to use a jar of salsa is to create a marinade for lean meat like chicken.

Take your selection of wings, thighs, drumsticks, or breasts. Then, drop some oil and salsa macha into a clear bag and mix everything well. Let the chicken and salsa set in the fridge for several hours before tossing the pieces on the grill. After grilling, consider shredding the meat a little to make grilled chicken tacos for everyone in attendance.

Mojo Sauce

Mojo sauce is a predominantly Caribbean offering that pairs well with pork. Its standout attribute is its hint of sour orange. The acidity of the fruit provides an excellent base for the marinade.

Another key element to note for this sauce is that oil is generally not included in a pork marinade but can work for chicken, fish, or beef. Without adding oil to these meats, you risk getting a dry texture.


One of the most delicious ways to up your marinade game this year is to incorporate a classic chimichurri. This Argentinian sauce brings depth and variety to your meat. If you’re thinking about cooking steak, this is your sauce.

There are red and green variations of chimichurri that combine dried herbs and a tangy base. Many American versions of chimichurri add cilantro and parsley, but they’re unnecessary unless you like them a lot. You can make the sauce your own with varying herbs.

Simple ways to spice things up and take common sauces to the next level are at your fingertips. Don’t be afraid to play with a chicken marinade, or steak marinade, to bring new textures and flavors to your grill game!