Grilling Guide

4 BBQ Tools Every Grillmaster Needs

Summer grilling season is here! You now have the perfect opportunity to transform into your other personality (the grill master, of course). However, before you bring out your worn-out BBQ tools, it’s time to consider an upgrade. You want to be ready to produce those juicy, tender slabs of pork ribs and crispy, flavorful kabobs without scorching yourself in the flames (literally and figuratively).

Don’t worry, you don’t have to overhaul your whole BBQ grill cabinet. To upgrade, you only need four essential tools. With them, you can call yourself a grill master without overstocking your grill drawer. Here’s what you’ll need to grill like the pros!

1.    Skewers

Roasting food on sticks is a great way to connect with your inner caveman. But using the wrong sticks only leads to scorched meat and vegetables with a gooey rawness in the center. To shine at grilling like the ancient humans (if legends are true), you need the right type of skewers. Here are three considerations to make when shopping for skewers:


Flat, wide skewers are the best for barbecues. That’s because they help you avoid dry, overcooked meats and kabobs. The flatter and wider the skewers are, the juicer your grilled food will be when it’s done.


Choose the simplest designs for your skewers. The simpler the design, the easier it will be to clean. Of course, if you want to go fancy, you can opt for those extra curves, swerves, and sliding pieces. It all depends on your tolerance for cleaning up after the barbecue party.


Your caveman ancestors probably cooked with sticks. But hey, we’re in the 21st century now. When weighing your options, it’s best to go for metal. That’s because metal skewers allow heat to travel right into your meat. This prevents you from having food that’s charred on the outside and raw inside. Of course, you can always get disposable bamboo skewers if you have extra guests, but for your primary pieces, go for metal ones.

2.    Tongs

Tongs allow you to cook meats, hotdogs, vegetables, and anything you like without getting too close to the flame. If you’re tired of dropping your steaming beef patties onto the grass, it’s time to invest in a pair of sturdy tongs.

Remember, tongs used indoors, and BBQ tongs are different. While kitchen tongs can be as short as you wish, you need a little length for outdoor tongs. This will keep your fingers from roasting along with your selection of food. Don’t go too long, however. The shorter the tongs, the more control you have. Decide how much heat you can tolerate, then pick tongs that match that distance.

Metal tongs with tapered heads are a great addition to your grill accessories. The tapered edges will dig into the food and prevent it from slipping. You also want to get tongs with a locking mechanism for easy storage.

3.    Meat Thermometer

Are you tired of dry, flaky meat or chickens that are scorched on the outside but raw inside?

You can find tons of great meat thermometers out there. Some come with a button that allows you to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius with a single click. They have digital temperature readings, so you can see how hot your meat is with one glance.

Because different foods require different temperatures to cook well, you can’t be a great grill master without at least a basic meat thermometer.

4.    Basting Brush

A basting brush is essential if you want your sauce to be distributed evenly across your meat. Basting brushes are one of the most versatile BBQ accessories in the cooking world, but you’ll want a separate brush for your outdoor grilling escapades.

When selecting a basting brush, make sure you don’t confuse it with a pastry brush. While the two are very similar, they do have some small differences that can make or break your cooking. For example, a pastry brush may be narrower and intended for delicate tasks like sealing ravioli. On the other hand, a basting brush is wider, meant for spreading sauce across pizza dough or a rack of slowly roasting ribs.

Once you purchase your brush, make sure you use it only for grilling. Interchanging brushes can cause flavors to be accidentally mixed. You don’t want a beef-tasting cake or burger patties that taste like vanilla!

You Don’t Have to Break the Bank to Be a Grill Master

As a passionate griller, you want to have all the best tools in your arsenal. Don’t worry, though. Your shopping spree doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Simply buy the four tools mentioned above, and you can call yourself a grill master even better than your caveman ancestors.