Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

Image: Deposit Photos, karandaev

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

There’s so much expectation around what to get the lucky lady in your life for the most romantic holiday of the year. You’ve already made dinner reservations at that classy restaurant she likes. What next? Our main word of advice is that going the traditional route will not steer you wrong. Here is a curated list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for women.


Her Favorite Bouquet

A dozen roses cannot even begin to compare to her beauty; however, they are a loving gesture that shows how much you care. While giving flowers as a Valentine’s Day gift may seem like a chivalrous gift from ancient times, there’s a reason why fair maidens enjoy receiving colorful flora. For one, they smell great, and the sense of smell is intimately connected to memory and emotions. Flowers also become a daily reminder of you for an entire week—as they sit on the coffee table, she’ll think of you each time she catches a glimpse!


Indulgent Sweets

What’s more irresistible than a mix of decadent chocolates? This Godiva chocolate box has an assortment of 14 classic milk, dark, and white chocolates, plus a special selection of chocolate truffles. Chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac food since the time of Aztecs. It is said to contain a substance that inflames desire and makes the beloved one more open to romance. The sweet candy is proven to produce natural high which elevates mood and often equated to feeling in love. (Psh, and they say love isn’t a science.)



As they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But if you’re not ready to take that step—or if you already have— you can always go with cubic zirconia! The net-net is women enjoy receiving jewelry, which makes the Leafael Infinity Love Heart Pendant Necklace a great V-day present. Featuring a heart-shaped premium birthstone crystal, embroidered by a silver-tone, and shinning ribbon, the dazzling design creates a complex structure that assembles an infinity symbol. Customize with her birthstone to serve as a testament to her unique presence and charm.



If she’s a Lululemon type of gal, she’ll appreciate these Columbia midweight stretch tights throughout the remaining winter weeks. With a super-warm compression base-layer, cold weather becomes an afterthought, as the thermal-reflective lining retains body heat with ease. And the ultra-wicking fabric moves sweat away from the skin for a dry and fresh feeling all day. (Comfortable, flattering, and functional, she’ll have no excuse not to go skiing or hiking with you!)


Wine Bundle

Wine is effortlessly romantic because it signifies sharing and spending time together. Creating an experience for two is much better than eating or drinking alone. Opening a bottle is the perfect excuse to spend quality time with each other and relax in your partner’s company. This wine bundle from Firstleaf has 12 bottles of reds and whites, and even includes the Laureleé Sparkling Brut Rosé, a bubbly peach pour that’s sure to sweeten the evening.