Top 5 Freestanding Gas Griddles

Top 5 Freestanding Gas Griddles

Freestanding gas griddles offer great cooking performance at an affordable price. Since the griddle is essentially a big rectangle frying pan, the flat cooking surface suits foods that are granular, like rice, or liquid heavy, like pancakes or eggs. And much like a frying pan, you can cook almost anything on it!

Cuisinart 360 Degree Griddle Propane Gas Cooking Center

We guarantee you will enjoy using this griddle as much as a traditional BBQ grill. The ability to cook multiple things at once is a major plus. Its large surface works well when cooking for about five people, and the surround-style drip tray makes things much easier as you are cooking. The dual heat control is nice if you want to keep some things warm and others still cooking. (And with a paper towel holder right where you need it, you have quick access to soak up unsuspecting spills.) The product is simple to assemble and only takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Blackstone Original 36-Inch Griddle Cooking Station

It’s no surprise that Blackstone makes cooking fun! This 36-inch griddle allows for complete control, and you have infinite options for meals. Four burners provide 60,000 BTUs across 720 sq. inches, letting you cook a variety of different food while the two side shelves offer plenty of prep space for chopping and seasoning. Promised to withstand years of weathering and wear, the heavy duty 7-gauge rolled carbon steel griddle plate stands among the strongest and most durable.

Backyard Hibachi Flattop Propane Gas Grill

Turn your backyard into an instant Japanese culinary experience with this hibachi griddle! Not only do you get a delicious meal, but the presentation of this unit adds to the entertainment factor. The cypress is beautiful wood that complements just about every patio. You get a pre-seasoned 693 square-inch steel cook top providing ample amounts of cooking space for various meats and veggies. Direct heat from the gas burner delivers high, searing temperatures, and it also includes a cast iron auto-spark adjustable liquid propane burner for full heating coverage and lasting durability. This is arguably the best thing you’ll ever buy for your family.

Turbo 32-Inch 2-Burner Propane Gas Teppanyaki

The Turbo’s two stainless-steel U-shaped burners (pumping out 20,000 BTUs each) provide uniform heat distribution across the griddle surface. A freestanding griddle like this allows you to cook at any time of day with blue LED control panel lighting for extra visibility even when it gets dark, as well as per-burner indicator lighting to show when each burner is in use. Store extra accessories, tools, and cookware on the convenient side shelves and inside the double access drawers.

Le Griddle Ultimate 41-Inch Propane Gas Griddle

Designed in France, Le Griddle is all about using high tech manufacturing in its products. The Ultimate is a premium propane freestanding griddle comprised of 304 stainless-steel on its exterior. Boasting three burners and a grilling surface BTU of 27,000, the enameled cast iron sub-plates distribute heat evenly. Oh yeah, did we mention you can fit nearly 27 burgers on its 41” x 15” grilling area? Use the battery powered push-button electronic ignition to light the burner every time quickly and reliably. For safety measures, the unit includes a thermocouple valve shuts off the gas in case of flame outage.