The Meatrix System

The Meatrix System

The Meatrix System from Imagitronix has made meat thermometers obsolete. It’s patented, award winning technology uses ENERGY IMPULSE, not temperature settings, to determine meat doneness.  This is the most accurate technique for determining doneness. It works with any heat source and has 15 doneness levels for each meat type.

Meat Thermometers can’t match the accuracy and consistency of The Meatrix System. The Meatrix System is the only device that uses a USDA approved technique to assure pork and poultry meet USDA safety standards WITHOUT cooking to high, meat drying temperatures.  It guides you through the cooking process so your meat is always cooked perfectly and won’t keep cooking when you take it off the heat.

The Meatrix is available in two colors combinations, a sporty orange & blue and a classic light grey & charcoal colored ABS/polycarbonate plastic case. It comes with two 5 foot long probes, rated for over 1000 degrees F.

The Meatrix System lists for $124.95 but from Black Friday through the end of the year, it is on sale for $99.50.