In just two minutes, you can prep a dozen hot dogs with SLOTDOG and transform your party from ordinary to awesome. Boring, burned and blistered hot dogs are a thing of the past. SLOTDOG is a grid of stainless blades that precision cut ordinary skinless hot dogs, wieners, and gourmet beef frankfurters (the “no casing” variety) with a criss-cross grid pattern.

Just push SLOTDOG down on a fridge temperature hot dog, pull the hot dog off and repeat on the other side for those trademark slits. That’s all there is to it and now you’re ready to grill.

While grilling, the slits expand allowing juices from inside to caramelize on the outside while smoke flavor penetrates deeper and radically improves the taste and texture. When your hot dogs plump open, they are ready to eat—no more guesswork and overcooked, blistered hot dogs.