5 Great Portable Charcoal Grills

5 Great Portable Charcoal Grills

Portable charcoal grills aren’t very complicated, even if you’re new to grilling. The main advantage of using one is that you don’t need to haul containers of propane, or have an electrical source, to fire it up. If you’re an avid tailgater, or camper, and enjoy cooking outdoors, consider investing in a portable charcoal grill for all the games, or camping trips, yet to come this season. Here are five to consider.

Smokin Ugly TG Series Grill

The TG Series Grill lets you enjoy cooking three ways as it can be used to grill, griddle, or oven-fire a pizza. Mind you, this isn’t a grill you’d carry with you on a long hike somewhere – it weighs in at 54 lbs. Rather, the TG is one that’s easily transported and simple to set up at the tailgate party or campsite. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this portable grill is engineered for longevity. Unlike its counterparts that often feature thinner steel construction, the TG Series grill ensures years of cooking enjoyment.

Napoleon 14 Inch Portable Charcoal Kettle Grill

The charcoal basket on the Napolean Kettle Grill is divided to make grilling your way easy, even on the go! Top and bottom vents ensure that temperature is easy to control, and it also features a sturdy four legged design that won‘t topple over while you‘re cooking. After the family’s been fed and it’s time to pack up, you’ll appreciate how easy the chrome-plated grids are to clean, as well as how easy it is to dispose of the spent coals. Simply remove the ash catcher and you’re good to go.

Weber Go-Anywhere Portable Charcoal Grill

Affordable and reliable, the Weber Go-Anywhere is a simple yet effective portable charcoal grill that will allow you to show off your BBQ skills away from home. Despite its stature, this grill offers a generously sized charcoal bed, facilitating effortless control overheat zones, and enabling the simultaneous perfect cooking of various foods on a reasonably sized, chrome-plated grate. The grill’s enameled, cast-iron body affords solid insulation that will keep your well-tended coals roasting hot.

Everdure CUBE 17-Inch Portable Charcoal Grill

The Cube is built for traveling; weighing less than 15 pounds and thanks to its square shape and compact design making it easy to pack. You’ll have no problem putting the grill on wooden and metal surfaces, as it keeps the surface cool to touch and the chrome handles don’t transfer heat from the grill so you can move it mid-session if necessary. This mini grill has 115 sq. inches of grilling surface to provide plenty of space to make six small burgers or three medium steaks.

Lifesmart Pack-N-Go 10-Inch Portable Ceramic Kamado Grill

The ceramic insulation properties of kamado grills mean that they reduces charcoal use and provide the perfect convection cooking style.  Aside from being eye-catching, the turquoise Lifesmart Pack-N-Go Kamado grill is perfect for low and slow cooking meats, but it can also deliver extra high temperatures up to 800 degrees which allows you to sear in the juices professionally while holding the center at your desired medium-rare finish.