5 Great Portable Griddles

5 Great Portable Griddles

Love the idea of a grill but want to have the functionality of a large pan? In swoops the flat top griddle! Portable griddles are convenient cooking tools, especially for tailgating or on camping trips, giving you versatility, even heat distribution, and reduced smoke, making it a valuable addition to your culinary equipment. Here are five great choices:

Blackstone Original 22-Inch Tabletop Griddle

The Blackstone Tabletop Griddle is a small but powerful portable griddle that will be your go-to- for the next tailgate or weekend trip to the lake. With 24,000 BTUs across 362 sq. inches, you can cook a variety of foods at once. Thanks to the patented rear grease management system, users have a virtually no-mess operation with breezy clean up. The included hood secures to the back of the griddle for protection and easily lifts out of the way when in use.

Flame King Flat Top Portable Propane Cast Iron Grill Griddle

Designed with your camping trip in mind, the Flame King griddle comes with a bracket to mount right onto the side of your RV. The hanging rack can be used as legs to make the griddle free-standing if you like, or you can keep it traditional and use on the tabletop. Another added benefit is the Teflon coating, which not only protects the longevity of the grill but also minimizes flare ups caused by dripping fats and oils. It is compatible with a 1lb propane canister or 20lb propane tank (not included).

PIT BOSS Two Burner Portable Flat Top Griddle

Some of the key reasons we vouch for this Pit Boss griddle is for its fold-and-go portability, 3-mm thick pre-seasoned surface, and dependable heat-retention design— in summary, you’ll want to add it to your outdoor cooking arsenal! The griddle is fitted with a durable non-stick cook surface, heat-protecting burner shrouds, and two independently controlled 9,000 BTU stainless steel burners. Prepare any meal from breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the easy push and turn start ignition.

Royal Gourmet Tailgater Grill & Griddle

Not only does she deliver powerful performance (10,000 BTUs emitting from each of the four independently controlled burners), but it evenly distributes the heat across 430 sq. inches of space for a consistent cook. The ceramic-coated griddle plate and cast-iron cooking grates are designed for everything from pancakes, bacon strips and eggs to T-bone steaks, fish fillets and chicken breasts. When it’s time to clean up, the grooved drip tray channels oil fast into the grease cup to collect residue.

QuliMetal Tabletop Portable Griddle

This stainless-steel grill weighs only 42 lbs. making it lightweight and small enough to fit in a compact car and is easy to carry. You’ll appreciate that the burner control knob has a spark igniter incorporated into it—so no more having to press a button for the igniter after you have the burner controls on and pushing what amount of propane through, creating a huge poof when it lights. Remove the detachable griddle top, and it becomes a stove! You can heat soup, milk, coffee, hot water, and more on the burner grate, eliminating the need for more gear and appliances.