5 Great Pellet Grills

Image: Green Mountain Grills, greenmountaingrills.com

5 Great Pellet Grills

If you enjoy the rich flavors of slow-cooked smoked meats but don’t want to continuously monitor a charcoal smoker, a pellet grill might just be your ideal solution. Say goodbye to the need for constant supervision, refueling, or adjusting air vents to ensure temperature consistency—with a pellet smoker, you can simply set your desired temperature, press start, and let the grill handle the cooking process for you.  If you want to enter the world of pellet grilling, here are five great choices to consider.

Green Mountain Grills Peak Prime

The GMG Peak Prime grill provides grilling enthusiasts with smarter and stronger technology for a better cooking experience. The digital controller allows the user to easily control and monitor your grill through the iOS or Android app. With it, you can easily adjust your grill’s temperature from anywhere between 150°F to 550°F. It also includes a WiFi Smart Control, dual meat temperature probes, and a USB charging port. Powered by 12V direct power, the GMG Peak has the safest and most efficient power consumption. The 12V power also provides faster startups, and improved pellet fuel economy.

Camp Chef Woodwind CL 36-Inch Pellet Grill

With the turn of a knob or tap of a finger you can set temperatures as low as 160 degrees for smoking and up to 500 degrees for the perfect sear on the Camp Chef Woodwind. Smart Smoke technology keeps your pellet grill within 15 degrees of your selected temperature; you can adjust the smoke intensity just as easily with 10 levels to choose from. Using the Camp Chef a cooking routine as much as using your regular stove! You can even remove the griddle top to cook with a flat-bottomed wok and the high heat allows for rapid skillet cooking.

Louisiana Grills Black Label Series Pellet Grill

The Black Label 1200 delivers robust versatility in a family-sized package. With 1,180 square inches of cooking space, you can tackle salmon, steak, chicken breasts and more! It offers 8-in-1 cooking versatility, allowing you to smoke, bake, braise, roast, grill, barbecue, char-grill and sear all in one machine. Two unique features worth highlighting on this pellet grill: first, the porcelain-coated grill grates are thick, sturdy, and will surely produce grill marks without sticking. Second, it’s rare for companies to include a front shelf as a standard, so take pride that the Louisiana Black Label does!

Weber SmokeFire Sear+ ELX6 36-Inch Wood Fired Pellet Grill

The SmokeFire takes on a similar design to Weber’s gas grills with their inverted V-shaped flavorizer bars, so that the meat is exposed to more direct flames and infrared across the cooking surface. Consequently, you’ll get a good sear, particularly in the center where the main heat source is concentrated. With the fan and flames blowing, it feels like a gas and charcoal grill in one. Weber includes their Crafted Dual-Sided Sear Grate with this model. (You won’t get this kind of high heat sizzle from other pellet grills!)

Coyote 28-Inch Pellet Grill

The Coyote pellet grill seamlessly brings the convenience and sophistication of an indoor appliance to your outdoor space. This 28-inch freestanding pellet grill is constructed of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel ensuring years of use. The hood, featuring double walls and a gasket, effectively retains heat and maintains consistent grilling temperatures. A front-loading hopper provides an easier way to add fuel and holds up to 12 lbs. of pellets at a time; and it also includes a built-in spring mechanism for effortless opening and a wind guard to shield against drafts.