Outdoor Dining Necessities

Image: Deposit Photos, monkeybusiness

Outdoor Dining Necessities

Now that warmer weather is officially here, everyone will be spending more time outside. Whether you’re preparing for a summer barbecue or just making sure the deck is ready so you can enjoy your morning coffee on the patio, there are a few necessities you’ll need.  Outside of the obvious table and chairs, here are some items to make sure your outdoor dining space is in tip top shape!

Washable Tablecloth

A good outdoor tablecloth is a game-changer to make your dining space feel brand new. This outdoor tablecloth is made with acrylic-coated cotton, so clean up is a breeze. It provides the same practical application of standard plastic tablecloths while maintaining the soft touch of cotton for elegant al fresco entertaining. Liquid spills bead along the water- and stain-resistant surface for easy cleaning with a towel. Make sure you take the proper measurements for your tablecloth, since you want to make sure you have enough of a drop on each side.


Outdoor placemats define seating arrangements, the separation of utensils, and protect the furniture from spills and condensation. When looking for a set of placemats, be sure to think about the colors, design, and purpose these placemats will bring to the backyard. Traditional rectangular placemats are nice but try an out-of-the-box circle shape for a fun switch! These round place settings come in a set of 6 and add a colorful, decorative element to the dining experience.

Food Covers

Protect your food from insects while entertaining outside with these pop-up mesh food covers. Collapsible and reusable, the unique umbrella design is extremely easy to pop up and fold for storage. Its sizeable enough (8 Inches tall and 17 Inch square) to shield most plates, serving trays, bowls, and dishes, ensuring that your food and beverages are safe from bugs without affecting the taste.


Set a magical scene on your patio when the sun goes down. Lantern lights can be placed on the main dining table or on top of accent tables. Emitting a soft warm white light, they create cozy vibes for evenings outside, and these lamps exemplify a vintage style of quality ironwork. The best thing is, you don’t need to worry about awry flames or not having a lighter close by because these are battery powered and cordless!

Unbreakable Glassware

If you’re tired of sweeping up shattered glass, it’s time to snag a set of unbreakable drinking glasses. Fully shatterproof, tumblers will not break or chip when dropped or knocked over. You can give them to kids (and adults) to enjoy without worrying that an accident could lead to injury. The worst that can happen is a spilled drink. Made with tritan material, which is a much better quality than acrylic plastic, these glasses are reassuringly heavy, with the look and feel of glass.

Now that you know these essential items for outdoor dining, what are you waiting for, go ahead and invite the neighbors over for the backyard BBQ that you’ve been talking about for a while.