Myron Mixon BarQ Pellet Grills

Myron Mixon BarQ Pellet Grills

Get Your Game Face on with the New BARQ Pellet Grills! Now you can BBQ like a pro and make it look easy. Here’s how simple it is. Just plug your BARQ Pellet Grill into a power source, load your pellets into the hopper, set the temperature and start the party. While you’re enjoying friends and family, your BARQ pellet Grill is hard at work. The results are often heard loudest in the silence that comes when guest are too busy enjoying the food to say much.

Unmatched Capacity

The square shape allows use of foil roasting pans for different proteins, fast BBQ-to-table transitions, and easy cleanup.

Industrial Grade Construction

Quality that outperforms all competitors. Heavy duty, double-wall construction on cook door and chamber for heat, moisture, and flavor retention. Stainless steel cook chamber. High-temp tolerant exterior finish.

No-Peek Temperature Control

Two meat probes let you monitor internal cooking temperatures without ever lifting the lid, so you get consistent cooking temperatures and more time to relax. Four racks let you max out your BBQ capacity.