Mango Power E

Mango Power E

The Mango Power E, the ultimate power solution for your household and portable power needs. You can easily enjoy power security and grid independence with a seamless uninterrupted flow of electricity no matter where you are or wherever you go.

The standalone Mango Power E has a massive battery capacity: 3.5kWh. That’s about as much power as 60 laptop batteries combined! With a portable, wheeled luggage-like design that’s easy to take a whole lot of energy while tailgating, camping, on road trips, or keep in your garage as backup for your home power supply as a safeguard against short, unpredictable power outages or brown-outs.

Here are some key features: 

  • 3kW continuous power output up to 2x at 6kW
  • Meeting all your needs by expanding capacity from 3.53kWh to 14kWh
  • Premium CATL LFP battery cells
  • 5 years Warranty
  • 240V split-phase feature that supports even the most power consuming appliances
  • Can keep your furnace running smoothly even under -4 F