Man Cave Ideas

Man Cave Ideas

The man cave has become much more than just an old basement or garage.  Building the perfect space requires a combination of smart design, high tech entertainment, and comfortable furniture. Whether you are building one from scratch or revamping your existing area, you’ll want it to be reflective of your unique personality and suitable for your needs—from watching the big game, entertaining a few buds, or simply to nap in peace! These essential man cave ideas will help transform your perfect space.

Entertainment Tech

The fun begins once you choose a big screen TV. Cheer on your favorite team (and literally see the sweat on their faces) in ultra-high definition with an Amazon Fire TV 55″. Browse your favorite streaming platforms for a Friday night flick and hook it up with a Sonos Immersive Set to create the ultimate home theatre experience. With two speakers, a wireless subwoofer and premium smart soundbar, you’ll think you’re sitting in an IMAX theater.

Tailgater Pro Tip: Move theater seating against the wall so there is more room in the center of your man cave for other activities.

Reclining Seats

Man-sized seating is essential for any cave. The best man cave couches are big enough to hold giants, can double as beds, and can recline with individual footrests—and yes, cupholders in the armrests are non-negotiable. Take the Seatcraft Omega, for instance. This handsome black leather sofa combines durability with elegance while taking your comfort to the next level with the push of a button. The power recliner and adjustable headrest can be set to your liking for an afternoon snooze or prime viewing angles for acing Mario Kart.

Beer Fridge

Imagine coming home to your man cave after a long day of work: you sit in your chair, turn on the TV and reach to the side, realizing the closest drink is in the kitchen’s main fridge upstairs. What a bummer! Keeping a cooler in the man cave gives you instant access to beverages for you or your guests: beers, seltzers, energy drinks, soda and bottles of water. The Whynter 120-Can Beverage Fridge is an ideal choice for compact and efficient display and refrigeration. Unlike many budget beverage refrigerators, this one utilizes premium features and design to provide a sleek showcase that will be centerpiece of any space.


Proper strategically placed lights can make a man cave come alive. Lighting will not only illuminate the room, but it can provide specific atmospheres, too. It can used to highlight specific areas of interest in a man cave, such as a display shelf of prized sports memorabilia. Gamers tend to have fun options when it comes to lighting. The Govee Smart LED Light Bars display rainbow-like light effects created from 16 million different colors. (Best used when the room is dark.) You can boost your gaming experience with dynamic presets or make your own light effects with DIY mode.

Tailgater Pro Tip: Use lighting that can dim and create the right mood in your space— this isn’t the office.


Gaming tables are man cave must-haves, whatever your game may be! If you have a larger room, get a beautiful felt billiard table. While a pool table might sound cliché and outdated, hear us out: pool is an amazing way to hone hand-eye coordination and even gives you a few tricks to show off to your pals. If you’re working with a more compact space, opt for a sleek poker table. Cards, dominoes, board games, or even Scrabble can fill your evenings. It doesn’t matter what games you have in your man cave; their purpose is to help you unwind, relax and have fun.

The man cave is your domain so, when properly accessorized using these man cave ideas, it will provide endless hours of fun, relaxation, and solace in your ever busy life.