Inexpensive Kitchen Gadgets You Should Have

Inexpensive Kitchen Gadgets You Should Have

There are some inexpensive kitchen gadgets you simply just can’t live without. From the trusty do-it-all knife to the universal baking dish, here are useful essentials you’ll be reaching for time after time that won’t blow your budget!

Dutch Oven Cauldron

The IMUSA “Caldero” (or cauldron) is the workhorse of any kitchen due to its versatility and unique design. It has rounded sides, a tight-fitting lid, and superior heat distribution. This Dutch oven can be used to cook rice, braise meat, and simmer stews and soups. With its 6.9-qt capacity, the pot is great for cooking for families because it can hold whole chickens and other large quantities.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Did you know that the traditional hot brewing process of coffee releases undesirable acids and oils, resulting in a bitter flavor? With cold brewing, only the naturally delicious coffee flavors are extracted, creating a perfectly balanced, smooth extraction of concentrated coffee. If you love cold brew coffee, this affordable pitcher will help you craft the perfect batch in your kitchen without a lot of effort.

8-inch Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife is a go-to for chopping and dicing vegetables, fruit, and herbs, as well as cutting a variety of other ingredients like meat, poultry, and fish. The Farberware knife is ergonomically designed, weighted for exceptional balance and control. This wallet-friendly knife features a stainless-steel blade that holds a sharp edge and offers a soft nonslip handle that provides a comfortable grip.

Wine Vacuum

Preserve your opened bottle of Pinot Grigio for an extra day with this nifty tool that’ll create a seal for it! If sealed with Vacu Vin, an opened bottle will be good for an extra three days easily. The durable stoppers and are easy to disassemble, clean, and re-assemble. Designed to fit any standard wine bottle, in just a few short pumps, you will hear a click sound, signaling that all the air has been sucked out.

Baking Dish

A 9-by-13-inch baking dish is an all-purpose size that is called for in most recipes, from casseroles to lasagna, gratins and even for roasting chicken. This inexpensive baking pan is made of durable, high temperature material, oven safe to 500°F. It can be used in the oven, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Plus, the non-slip double handles allow for added safety.

Mesh Sifters

Bowl-shaped sieves are among the kitchen’s most versatile tools! And while these mesh sifters certainly won’t break your bank, they are far from cheaply made.  On dry ingredients, its job is to aerate and separate dry ingredients like flour, cocoa powder, and powdered sugar, which will lead to a lighter and more tender crumb in baked goods. With this Cuisinart set of 3 sifters, you’ll surely find a use for each size.