Indoor Smokeless Grills

Indoor Smokeless Grills

While firing up your charcoal, pellet, or gas grill is usually the preferred method of grilling, sometimes you just can’t get outdoors to do so. Perhaps the weather is bad. Or maybe you live in an urban setting, or apartment, where outdoor grilling isn’t allowed.  Don’t fret, grilling isn’t just for those who love to cook outdoors. If you love the taste of grilled food but you want to stay inside, your best bet is to find the best indoor smokeless grill.


Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill 

One of the more unique challenges that comes with using an electric indoor grill is cooking with a hood. Not only does this make it a little harder to judge how well your food is cooked but it also adds an entirely new dimension to clean-up. Fortunately, this grill from Hamilton Beach solves both of those issues with just a few little changes.

This grill sets the pace for the rest of the marketplace. Not only does the grill plate easily reach 450 degrees to provide an amazing grilling experience, but it also has a window on the hood which keeps the heat trapped in the grill while allowing you to judge your cooking progress.

This unit is also easier to clean than almost anything else on the market. Not only do all the juices from your food drip down into an extra-large grease reservoir, but you can wash all the non-electronic parts – including the hood – in your dishwasher.


hOmelabs Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill 

Some of the best grills on the market today are those that incorporate the best features of their competition. While they might be light on the innovation, they collect great ideas from other companies and put them all in one place. If you’re looking for a grill that has many of the great features of other indoor grills check out this unit from hOmeLabs.

This grill checks a lot of boxes, largely by utilizing the standout features from other grills. It has the same kind of clear lid that allows users of other grills to observe their cooking process, as well as a simple LED control panel that makes it easy to be precise with cooking temperatures. You can easily flip this grill from grill mode to griddle mode if you feel like cooking breakfast.  Cleanup is as easy as taking off the plates and putting them in the dishwasher.


BELLA Indoor Smokeless Grill 

When it comes to grilling, size matters. The vast majority of indoor grills are made with kitchen space in mind, it is nice to know that there are some grills that feel like they are designed for those who have to cook for an entire family. Though BELLA’s indoor smokeless grill is a bit simpler than some of the other leading grills, it does stand out by providing extra cooking space.

The 12×16 cooking surface of the grill is one of the bigger indoor smokeless units on the market. It’s more than large enough to cook four skewers of meat, several hamburgers, or even a few steaks at one time. This makes the product an ideal choice for those who want to regularly cook for large groups but who also don’t want to have to deal with cooking outside to do so.

The size is the main feature of this grill, but it does have a few other nice features that put it in line with the other grills that vie for the top spot. It has a drip pan that collects fats and oils so that it doesn’t smoke and it even has the ability to be set for several types of cooking styles.