Honda EU2200i Generator

Honda EU2200i Generator

Introducing the New EU2200i Generator. More power from the generator you trust. The all new EU2200i raises the bar when it comes to quiet, dependable, durable and easy-to-use generators. The EU2200i delivers 10 percent more power than the EU2000i, letting you power more of what you need, but with virtually no change in weight or cost. Plus, it provides even better performance, combined with improved ease of use and maintenance, for powering work, home or play.

  • Super Quiet: 49 to 58 dBA, less than a normal conversation
  • Fuel Efficient: Runs up to 8.1 hrs on less than a gallon of fuel
  • Double the Power: Parallel 2 EU2200i together to get 4400 watts
  • Lightweight: At less than 47 lb., the EU2200i is easy to carry and store.
  • Inverter Power: Inverter technology provides clean power for computers and other sensitive equipment.
  • Reliable Honda Quality: So reliable, it’s covered from top to bottom for 3 full years.

People on the go like to go in style, with efficient, reliable, portable power from a Honda EU Series Generator. Whether you’re camping, tailgating or RVing, you can rely on Honda power for your coffee maker, electric lights, TV, rooftop RV AC units and just about anything else that’ll make you feel right at home. Impress your friends at the next tailgate party with instant power for music, TV, and small appliances!  Include a Honda generator on your tailgate checklist!