Grandstand Heated Portable Sink

Grandstand Heated Portable Sink

Provide warm water hand washing on the go! Just use the built-in handle to tilt the GrandStand back onto its rubber threaded wheels, and steer it like a hand truck. Warm water, a slim profile, and easy maneuverability make the GrandStand ideal for any number of situations from tailgates, farmers markets, county fairs, construction sites to offices.

* Capacity: 15-gallon fresh water, 19-gallon grey water

* Nearly 300 uses on a single fill-up

* Extra large basin allows for full forearm immersion

* OSHA compliant

* Lightweight only 189-pounds when filled with water, 64-pounds when empty

* Drain hose included for hassle-free, quick clean out

* Foot pump for hygienic, hands-free operation

* Liquid soap and paper towel dispensers included

* Electrical specs: 110v/15amp GFI recommended

Impress your tailgate guests by providing easy access to handwashing facilities for all your outdoor fun!