Inverter and portable generators are not weatherproof.  They include warnings for electrocution and damage if used in wet weather.  GenTent Safety Canopies has solved this problem by inventing weatherproof covers for running inverter and portable generators safely in virtually any wet weather, including: high winds, heavy rains, and blizzard-force precipitation.  With an easy to install 3-step process – Strap it, Frame it, Cover it – GenTents keep inverter generators portable and easy to refuel while shielding electrical outlets from the elements to keep them dry and protected against electric shock and damage.  With GenTent, inverter generators can operate outdoors away from tailgaters and campers, eliminating CO poisoning risks.  GenTent’s innovative weatherproofing approach does not block cooling air, while ensuring exhaust fumes are expelled safely.

The GenTent XKi has expanded the popular GenTent safety canopy line to mount on any-sized inverter generator or fully-enclosed portable generator.  Lightweight Inverters – quiet, fully-encased, and ultra-portable – solve the need for remote power.  The GenTent XKi is the perfect accessory to run them safely in wet weather.

Whether it’s for emergency power backup, tailgaters, outdoor enthusiasts, boaters, or to keep a jobsite safe, GenTents fit 98% of the generators in the market and help weatherproof power.

Rain, Snow or Sleet never stop Real sports, so why should they stop your tailgating? Keep your party Real with GenTent.  Protect your party power!