Flame Boss 400-WiFi Smoker Controller

Flame Boss 400-WiFi Smoker Controller

The Flame Boss 400’s innovative new design incorporates WiFi technology into the blower unit, for a compact and efficient way to regulate your BBQ temps. All device configuration, from WiFi setup to meat/pit temp settings, is controlled completely from the Flame Boss mobile app for iOS & Android.

Online Dashboard: View graphs of your cooks. Monitor pit and food temperature and change the temperature of your pit from your phone, tablet or computer. Set the meat alarm to automatically turn down the pit temperature when your desired meat temp is reached to keep food warm, even send yourself a text message when your meat hits the desired temp.

Automatic Learning PID Controller: Intelligently learns your smoker for quick and smooth temperature control.

Meat Alarm & Cook Timer: Receive alerts on your smartphone wherever you are when your cook is finished or ready for the next recipe step. Choose either cook time or internal meat temperature to trigger the alarm.

Variable Speed Blower: Runs at the best speed to reach and maintain the desired temperature in the smoker.

Open Lid Detection: Detects the sudden temperature drop from opening the lid and turns the fan off temporarily to avoid over-stoking the fire.

Keep Warm: Automatically lowers the pit temperature to keep your food warm after it is cooked.

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