Firepod Portable Stone Baked Pizza Oven and Grill

Firepod Portable Stone Baked Pizza Oven and Grill

Cook any meal, anywhere outdoors with the Firepod Modular Pizza Oven!  The Firepod is the world’s first truly multifunctional stone baked Pizza Oven and Grill using propane for hassle-free cooking.

Pizza – BBQ – Hot Rock Cooking – The Firepod it does it all. Simply interchange the cooking sets for whichever meal you want.

The perfect day – bacon & eggs for breakfast on the skillet, sizzle-cook seafood and crispy vegetables on the hot rock for a healthy lunch, pop the stones in and make pizzas for the kids’ supper then put the griddle back in for an evening BBQ.

  • Multifunctional – Interchangeable sets for use as a Pizza Oven, BBQ, or Lava Stone Cooking
  • Fast – Heats up in under 8 minutes
  • Durable Portability – High grade, eco-friendly material makes it strong yet easy to carry
  • Easy to Use – Quick connect propane, auto-ignition, quick to clean