DraftPak Portable Tailgate Kegerator

DraftPak Portable Tailgate Kegerator

The DraftPak is an all new system for tapping kegs and serving cold beer. It taps directly onto any size keg and is completely self-contained. It’s the perfect portable way to cool down beer from a keg without electricity and without waiting hours.

How it works…

Using the DraftPak is as simple as placing it on the keg, twisting to lock it on and adding ice. The beer flows through the iced down coil inside so it’s a perfect temperature when you pour. And because it uses a CO2 tank inside it helps keep the beer fresher longer and eliminates the need to pump the keg.

No Waiting – A room temperature keg surrounded by ice takes hours to cool down. But that’s not an issue when you use the DraftPak.  You can enjoy cold beer in minutes.

No electricity needed – No electricity means no limits! You can take your DraftPak anywhere.  All you need is a bag of ice.

No pumping – A range of CO2 tank sizes fit inside the DraftPak, so you don’t have to stand around pumping the keg.

Easy – You don’t have to be an expert to use the DraftPak.  Clear instructions are under the lid and it only takes a few minutes to setup before you’re enjoying a cold glass of beer.

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