Diamond King Smoker

Diamond King Smoker

Ideal for BBQ lovers across the country, Diamond King Smoker offers a smoker/cooker box that turns any grill into a smoker! No need to use propane or charcoal; the smoker box produces all the heat and smoke – simply buy one or more of the 15 species of smoking wood. The result is rich, flavorful meats. Diamond King also sells the BBQ accessories your need for a complete smoking system. Their fail-proof fire starter and natural fruit wood chunks, when used with their smoking box, provides you with a full-flavored meal you can’t wait to eat.


Now there is no need to spend your money on a smoker. If you have a grill, you can smoke your meat with this innovative original smoker/cooker. It sits right on grate of any grill. Creates all the heat and all the smoke. Uses all natural heat with no flare-ups, giving you tender, juicy, and flavorful smoked meat. No propane or charcoal used.


Guaranteed to start immediately every time, Diamond King fire starter is nontoxic and made of all-natural products. Don’t waste your time attempting to light your smoker box, fire pit, fireplace, or bonfire with anything else. Lights in 3 seconds and burn for at least 15 minutes. Manufactured by handicapped adults.


Custom-cut wood chunks and mini-splits are sized specifically to fit the smoker box, and work to infuse the true flavor of the wood into your meats. Diamond King’s fresh wood, which is available in 15 flavors, has high moisture content and contains a sugar residual.

Making Grilling Easy with BBQ Accessories From Diamond King!