The Elegant Home Bar

The Elegant Home Bar

Downtime that can whisk us into another realm while relaxing in our own homes is priceless. So let the tinkle of ice in a lead crystal glass be that portal to another era. With just a few new pieces to your home bar, you can instill in your cocktail hour a refined and relaxed feel that carries you away to the cavalier age of Mad Men or the debonair ease of a 40’s romantic comedy.


Artisan Bartender (in a bottle)

Offer mixing options that quietly exude taste but with ease, like in these handcrafted cocktail mixers by Bittermilk from South Carolina. Just add a splash of the appropriate liquor to the chosen mixer. No tedious recipes to follow, yet you enjoy the high-end refreshment of a boutique cocktail. The 6 mixes run from Tom Collins with Elderflowers to Charred Grapefruit and Tonic to Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour.


Statement Glassware

A cultivated cocktail hour demands glasses that feel and look like James Bond and the Queen would enjoy. Anthropologie offers lustered, gold-rimmed coupes, flutes, shot and tumbler glasses that shimmer with a slight rainbow from their hand-painted surface. Or add the timeless elegance of Baccarat crystal tumblers and glassware which puts you in the same class as some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and bars.


Sleek Shaker

Every bar needs a way to mix. That doesn’t have to mean expensive, just look good. It can have personality, like a mason jar, which falls right into farm chic these days. Or spend a little more for a more versatile cobbler shaker, complete with strainer and a lid that serves as a jigger. It’s a sleek stainless steel but with a textured exterior for grip and a glance of art deco style.


Sophisticated Bar Cart

For those wanting a rolling bar for their patio, man cave or bar, the bar cart comes in endless styles to reflect your favorite getaway era. A glam option with marble surfaces and built-in ice bucket reflects the chic of art deco. Or serve from the tobacco-stained, walnut bar cart of mid-century. Or for something that makes a true statement, the rolling bar includes shelves, wine rack and even drawers that hold every cocktail desire and latches can shut for stylish safe-keeping.