Creative Outdoor’s Revolutionary Rolling Table

Creative Outdoor’s Revolutionary Rolling Table

Folding tables are lightweight, durable, and easy to store.  But they can also be extremely cumbersome to lug around. Just carrying the table and chairs from your car to your event can take your group multiple trips.

What if, instead of carrying it, you could roll it? And not only that, but have it carry your folding chairs too? Well, now you can! Introducing The Revolutionary Rolling Table from the inventor of the famous Folding Wagon. Perfect for tailgating, parties, events, and more.

The table not only rolls when folded up, but it functions like a dolly, allowing a single person to transport the table along with up to four standard folding chairs. In table mode it functions just like a regular folding table but with an adjustable height frame. The Revolutionary Rolling Table is packed with features!

All-terrain wheels with rubber tread:

* Wheels fold out in cart mode

* Wheels tuck neatly out of the way in table mode

Three adjustable height settings:

* Low for seated children

* Medium for seated adults

* High for standing height bars, food serving, event booths, and more

More Features:

* Fold out chair rack in cart mode.

* Carries up to four regular folding chairs. (Chairs not included).

* Fold out racks in table mode for accessory holders, condiment holders, towels, bags

* Extendable pull handle

* Secure closing latch

We have designed it, patented it, produced tooling for it, fine-tuned samples, and now we need your help for the very first full production run! We’re entrepreneurs at heart and hold patents for several successful products.  We’re excited about all of the interest in The Revolutionary Rolling Table and look forward to bringing it to market with your help.

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