ChuckWagon Mobile Grilling System

ChuckWagon Mobile Grilling System

The ChuckWagon Mobile Grill is the professional solution to parking lot entertainment! Tailgate anytime, anywhere with a quick easy park-to-grill in less than 2 minutes!

ChuckWagon Grilling System is designed to fit in any truck bed. The easy set up turns a single parking spot into a party spot! Spend less time setting up and more time enjoying yourself. At the push of a button, the five-burner grill, two coolers, a power battery pack, satellite TV and everything you need is ready to go. When the party is over, just stow it all away and drive off until next time.


The ChuckWagon is not only for tailgating! 

With four attachable legs, the ChuckWagon is easily removed from your truck with just one person – no tools or lifting required. Easily folds up vertically for storage.

 Revolutionize the way you tailgate with ChuckWagon!