CasusGrill Disposable Biodegradable Grill

CasusGrill Disposable Biodegradable Grill

Meet the Newest Addition To Your Tailgating Gear!

CasusGrill is made with all-natural materials – cardboard, bamboo and lava stone. Fired with 6 ounces of bamboo charcoal, it produces up to 50 percent less CO2 emissions than conventional grills. And when it’s done, it completely disintegrates. The CasusGrill weighs 2.2 pounds and has a 12×9-inch cooking surface.

Perfect for the tailgate, campsite, beach or any other great outdoors adventure!

  • Super Easy & Super Portable
  • Ready to Grill in 5 Minutes
  • No Metals, Chemicals or Lighter Fluid Needed
  • No Flames & Minimal Smoke
  • 100% Natural Materials
  • High & Even Grilling Heat
  • 60+ Minutes @ 600 °F