Camping Tents to Fit Every Budget

Camping Tents to Fit Every Budget

Camping season is almost upon us! You may enjoy basking by a secluded lakeside or exploring new destinations during the spring and summer, and for that you’ll need the perfect camping tent. This is important, as a tent can be the difference between a memorable adventure or regrettable disaster! Check out these five great camping tents.

The North Face Wawona 6P

Stand back everyone—the Wawona 6-Person tent has undergone a major refresh; from single to double-wall construction to achieve both waterproofness and breathability. (With a double-wall tent, you are almost always guaranteed to have a dry tent.) This family tent features a large front vestibule that can be used to store gear or as an additional seating area. It is not only a shelter for you and your camping party, but also serves as storage thanks to its integrated pockets. The ceiling pockets hold headlamps, lights, and tablets when you’re out camping!

Coleman Skydome 6P

If you’re looking for a reliable tent that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Coleman Skydome. While it may not have all the bells and whistles that some more expensive models on the market do, this one is surprisingly modern in its look and feel. The Skydome has a full-coverage rainfly and pre-bent poles and more vertical walls that substantially open up the interior. The poles are also pre-attached, so setup should take less than five minutes.

Toogh Camping Tent 1P/2P

Ideal for solo backpacking trips or a quick weekend getaway with a significant other, because the Toogh is comfy enough for one person, but can easily accommodate a duo. This camping tent has two mesh doors that enable optimal airflow. The mesh windows allow the breeze to come in and keep the bugs out. The ease of assembly is a major draw, promising that it only takes minutes to set up; and it even fits back in its case without having to wrestle with the parts so you can carry it back to your car when it’s time to pack up.

Campros Camping Tent 9P

This spacious tent has a nearly straight wall design with an 82-inch center height, allowing even the average 6-foot person to comfortably stand and walk about. A separated curtain can be used as room divider and projector screen. All the floor area is well seamed to the walls, with enough of a lip to prevent any kind of leakage, should you have a rain issue and don’t have your pad properly drained. The door is very large and easy to pass through. There are also big windows on the sides as well as a screen roof, so you have a great view of the surrounding area and a nice view of the sky.

Gazelle T4 Plus – 8P

The T4 Plus Hub Tent expands upon the innovation of camping tents by adding a screened-in, convertible second room. This area provides an added leisure area with cover from the insects and elements but quickly converts into a sleeping space with the use of zippered privacy panels. With 110 square feet of floor space and weighing about 56 pounds, you may need to enlist one or two friends to help set up this large portable tent hub—but once it’s ready, let the adventures begin! The T4 Plus is a versatile tent allowing extra storage for your gear, more space for the family or simply a convenient place to beat the elements.