Built-In Gas Grills to Fit Any Budget

Image: Deposit Photos, oocoskun

Built-In Gas Grills to Fit Any Budget

Propane and natural gas built-in grills are the kings of convenience. For those looking for a plug and play option these are the perfect choice. Unlike charcoal grills that may demand considerable time and effort to ignite, a built-in natural gas or propane grill can be easily started with a simple button press or knob turn. When planning an outdoor kitchen, your ideas should fit within your budget! Check out these top picks at varying price ranges.

Budget Balancer: Broil King Regal S420

While the Regal S420 sits is a great value, it also has a few notable features that are sure to meet your barbecue needs, such as the stainless-steel dual tube burners which create an efficient double row of flame. From a durability perspective the stainless-steel cook box with cast aluminum end caps provide solid construction. And don’t overlook the little things: control knob lights that are perfect for nighttime entertaining, storage shelves inside the cart, and tool hooks with side shelf bins will all become handy extras you’ll come to rely on.

Economy Plus: Napoleon Prestige 500

Quality meets performance in the Napoleon Prestige 500. This built-in propane gas grill is equipped with four stainless steel tube burners, delivering total cooking power of 48,000 BTUs. It features stainless steel cooking grates covering a primary cooking space of 500 square inches, complemented by a plated steel warming area spanning 260 square inches. The Jetfire ignition system with crossover lighting starts each burner separately, ensuring a consistent and reliable startup every time. And stainless-steel wave cooking grids produce the distinctive sear lines characteristic of Napoleon grills and provide enhanced heat retention.

Semi-Premium: Artisan Professional

The Artisan Professional 32-inch gas grill boasts a smoothly welded double-walled hood that excels in retaining heat, coupled with a complete handle and a user-friendly spring-assisted system for effortless opening. Check out the back—the 15,000 BTU ceramic rear infrared burner with its the heavy-duty rotisserie motor ensure smooth turning and consistent heating for that perfectly juicy rotisserie chicken. Lift the dual-position warming rack out of the way when not in use for additional workspace if you need!

Luxury: DCS Series 7

If you want to cook like a professional chef in your own home, this DCS grill is for you. Outside of the combined BTU output of cooking power from its three burners, this built-in gas grill also has a dedicated 3,500 BTU smoker burner that allows wood chips to slowly smolder for more layers of flavor. Got ribs or pork shoulder on the menu? Then you’re set! The Series 7 has a wider range of cooking temperatures with valves that can be turned down to as low as 300 degrees at the grilling surface which is ideal for indirectly grilling these meats. Added bonus: The smoker tray is welded closed so you can add your favorite wine or beer into the tray!

Ultra Luxury: Twin Eagles Eagle One

The Eagle One Series luxury grill creates a super-premium grilling experience. It stands out from the crowd with an array of functional illumination upgrades, including continuous ambient control panel lighting in an attractive indigo blue. A TempTrack Illumination gauge above the control panel displays average overall grill temperature, making it easy to know when your grill is ready for searing or when it has cooled enough to apply a grill cover after use. This 54-inch grill has three 25,000 BTU, 14-gauge 304 grade stainless steel main burners with zone dividers, letting you independently control the heat, one 25,000 BTU infrared sear burner and high-quality ceramic briquette flame tamers that distribute the radiant heat more evenly across the cooking surface.