Briggs PowerSmart Series™ P2200

Briggs PowerSmart Series™ P2200

Leave the noise of a standard portable generator behind at your next tailgate party or camping trip with the Briggs & Stratton® P2200 PowerSmart Series™ inverter generator. Designed with camping and tailgating in mind for quiet, lightweight and efficient power to easily enjoy the little conveniences of home anywhere you are – lights, fans, a coffee maker, laptop or TV. Now equipped with parallel capabilities – this provides tailgaters and campers with the additional power needed to keep the lights on, charge mobile devices and play music. Power up your party with these game-changing features:

PowerSmart™ Series Portable Power 

Delivering 1,700 running watts and 2,200 starting watts, this compact and light generator offers big backup power potential.

Your Pick of Outlets 

A convenient control panel includes three outlets (one DC and two household) and a USB adapter, offering enough flexibility to power an extensive combination of lights, music, TVs, crock-pots, blenders, personal electronics and more.

Convenient Carrying 

An H-handle design lets one person easily move the light generator when needed, or also allows two people to conveniently share the load.

Quiet Portable Generator

At 59dB operating volume, it’s quieter than a normal conversation, so it blends into the background of social situations.