5 Great BBQ Thermometers

5 Great BBQ Thermometers

Want to nail perfectly cooked meat on your BBQ every time? Get yourself a meat thermometer—it’s a game-changer! This handy tool tells you exactly when your meat is safe to eat, checking both the meat’s doneness and internal temperature, so you can kiss worries about under or overcooking goodbye. If you’re looking for a new BBQ thermometer, check out these options.

ThermoPro TempSpike 500FT Wireless Meat Thermometer

The ThermoPro TempSpike might deserve a spot on your grilling shelf, but not for the reasons you’d expect! Sure, it’s a pretty neat wireless thermometer, with Wi-Fi capabilities like others. However, the probe includes a storage case that doubles as a charger through a convenient USB cable. But there’s more to the case’s utility—it also serves as a repeater, capturing the signal from the probe and transmitting it to the phone app. And the case even has a built-in speaker, so if you’ve left the phone indoors and the case is near the grill, the case will beep insistently to make sure the food won’t be overcooked. Plus, the device is rechargeable, so there’s no need for batteries.

Maverick Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer

The Maverick XR-50 thermometer base is roughly the size of a softball, featuring a prominent display divided into quadrants representing each of the four probes so you can see temperatures simultaneously. (Many other similar receiver-style wireless monitors opt for a smaller receiver display which only allows one or two temperature readings at a time.) The stainless-steel probes make it easy to keep track of multiple proteins simultaneously, as well as the ambient grill temp of your grill or smoker—with a 500-foot range, you can track temps from almost anywhere in your home thanks to this remote thermometer!

Weber 7203 iGrill 2 Wireless Bluetooth Grill Thermometer

It’s hard not to bring up the Weber iGrill 2 in a conversation about BBQ thermometers, as this gadget has gained a strong reputation for itself. This Bluetooth-enabled gadget can measure up to four separate temperatures while you cook. It’s four probes (two of which come with the unit) can remarkably withstand temperatures up to approximately 716˚F, yet they remain effective for measuring temperatures ranging from -22˚F to 572˚F. And once you connect your phone with the Bluetooth functions, you can set temperature limits for each probe; as soon as the probes notice a temperature change or shift from the limits, they’ll send an alarm to your device, even if you’re away from the grill.

KIZEN Infrared Thermometer Gun

Just point and shoot! Simply scan the surface of your food, hold down the trigger of the infrared thermometer gun, and release to get live temperature readings anywhere between -58ºF and 1112ºF— but be sure that the reader is roughly 14-inches away from the meat. Doing so ensures the most accurate results. What’s unique about this type of thermometer is that its use doesn’t stop at food, it can readout on objects too. This may be helpful finding hotspots on the grill so you can optimally plan your grill surface layout.

BBQ Dragon Instant-Read Waterproof Meat Thermometer

If you’re looking for something simple that has a superfast response time, look at the instant-read waterproof thermometer from BBQ Dragon. Giving accurate temperature reads in just three to four seconds, you’ll see the digits pop up on the backlit LCD display. The needle tipped probe easily glides into chicken, ribs, steak, or pork, no matter how thick the cut; but it’s a safe tool to have around because the needle folds inward to avoid any people poking, and it automatically shuts off when in this position. Free from any fancy bells and whistles, the no-nonsense grill enthusiast who likes to get straight to business will appreciate this one.