5 Great Portable Bartending Tool Sets

Image: Deposit Photos, Fesenko

5 Great Portable Bartending Tool Sets

Tailgating cocktail enthusiasts will find a portable bartending set to be an invaluable piece to their parking lot gear ensemble. Individuals who have a genuine interest in cocktails, enjoy trying new recipes, and appreciate the art of mixology can experiment with different ingredients and techniques. Impress your guests with these great portable bartending tools.

Bartender Bag Travel Kit

Standout Feature: Large Number of Accessories

Comes with a complete set of high-quality stainless-steel accessories (20 pieces) for a mixologist unlike 17, or fewer, pieces by others! This travel bar set contains cocktail shaker, Hawthorne strainer, 3 pourer caps, ice tongs, mint julep, zester with SS handle, double jigger, Lewis ice bag, bottle opener, mixing spoon, fine mesh strainer, peeler, squeezer, tweezers, muddler, ice pick, corkscrew and a waxed canvas bag

Boston Cocktail Shaker Bartender Kit

Standout Feature: Boston Shaker

Whether you root for the Patriots or not, you’ll find good use of a Boston shaker. It consists of two components: one larger tin and one smaller metal tin. These two pieces fit together to create a seal. When you shake a cocktail in a Boston shaker, the mixing glass or smaller tin is typically filled with ice. The shaking action effectively chills and dilutes the cocktail, giving it the desired temperature and consistency, which is crucial for drinks like Martinis and Margaritas! They are also used to create aeration and texture, resulting in a silky texture if you’re working with egg whites in a Whiskey Sour.

Bartender Kit with Whiskey Smoker

Standout Feature: Wood Chips and Smoker

This bartender set has everything you need to recreate cocktails of any complexity, as well as add the aromatic smoke that will take your presentations to the next level! With the drink smoker and included cherry wood chips, you will feel the refined taste of drinks and the delicate smoked aroma. The hand-crafted smoker is made from 100% natural high-quality wood, and there’s even a recipe card with ideas for new creations, in case you are tired of sticking to the old favorites.

Mixology Set with Rustic Wood Stand

Standout Feature: Stand for Organization and Storage

When it comes to mixing drinks, having a bartender kit with a stand can make all the difference. Not only does it keep your tools organized and within reach, but it also adds a touch of style to your mixology set up. This 11-piece bartending set covers all the basic tools to whip up cocktails, and it all sits in a rustic display stand with metal handles, so it doubles for organization storage when not in use. After putting the stainless-steel bar supplies in the dishwasher (and hand washing the wooden muddler), let the tools rest in their respective spots within the stand.

13-Piece Mixology Set with Accessories

Standout Feature: Ancillary tools

Some of the first things that come to mind as “necessities” for a home bartending kit are the shaker, ice, and a few glasses. That’s a great start, however the moment you realize you don’t have a way to open that vintage wine bottle, or that you lack an easy solution to scrape an orange peel to garnish your Negroni, you’ll wish you got a cocktail set that thought of all that for you. Equipped with a large ice scoop, two bottle pourers, a bar knife, a corkscrew, a mesh strainer, and a citrus zester that doubles as a peeler, this set is prepared for those, “I forgot –” moments.