ArachNet Portable Theft Deterrent System

ArachNet Portable Theft Deterrent System

A security net for belongings carried in the bed of an uncovered vehicle. Meshed webbing is stretched over your gear along with an alarm box that is positioned in the center. This motion-sensored alarm system will protect items in trucks, trailers, cargo racks and backyards from theft, removal or tampering.  ArachNet sounds an alarm if the meshed webbing is disturbed.  Remote activator toggles the system on and off easily and fits on a key chain.

  • Features:
  • Specially-designed, flexible meshed webbing similar to bungee cord
  • Spider-web configuration enhances area coverage and effectiveness
  • 8 End hooks of Heavy-duty plastic for long-lasting attachment to any surface
  • Weather-resistant Alarm box sewn into the mesh webbing
  • 120 DC alarm activates when any part is disturbed

Let Arachnet Put A Web Of Protection Over Your Gear!