5 Tailgate Coolers for Every Budget

5 Tailgate Coolers for Every Budget

If you’re heading to the big game, you’ll need a great tailgate cooler to store your food and keep your drinks cold. (Nobody wants a warm beer!) The cooler is going to be the most-used item at the party, with folks reaching in and out of it to grab a beverage or snack. Check out these 5 tailgate coolers to suit anyone’s wallet.

Columbia PFG High Performance Cooler 50Q

This heavy-duty high performance cooler claims that it is built to keep the bears out – but we bet even they can’t resist the satisfying sensation of cracking open a cold one. Due to the efficient insulation, it keeps ice for up to an impressive 9 days, so you certainly won’t have to worry about it melting before you even arrive on location. Also includes a wire basket to separate wet and dry items. He’s a little on the heavy side, weighing about 36 lbs., but given its large holding capacity (roughly 32” X 18” X 17”) it makes sense.

Bayou Classic® 25-qt Bayou® Roto-molded Cooler

The Bayou Classic is a popular cooler featuring Durable Roto-Molded Construction set in a neutral tan. With 25-quart capacity of usable apace, it can hold up to twenty-four 12-oz cans with ice. And its UV-Resistant outer coating maintains the color and preserves the exterior surface, so you can be out in the sun for hours on end without fear it will fade or deteriorate. For best cooling performance, be sure to pre-load with some ice a few hours prior to hitting the road.

Coleman Portable Cooler with Wheels | Xtreme Wheeled Cooler, 50-Quart

A great bang for your buck, the Coleman Cooler will exceed your expectations – and you can spend the extra cash that you saved on another 12-pack! The wheels are sturdy and can roll through sand, pavement and grass making movement with this unit incredibly easy. There are four cup holders on top. Simply pull up the handle to cart the cooler around. Also, there is a spout drain in the back to drain melted liquids out. (If you’re in a pinch for seating, the cooler can double as a temporary chair since the lid is not hollow.)

GARDRIT 60 Can Large Cooler Bag – Collapsible Insulated, Leakproof Cooler Bag

This soft cooler is well-made and can hold more weight than you think. It can hold over 70 lbs.; however, you might not want to carry that on a single strap shoulder bag. Regardless, you can still pack a good amount of food, snacks, and beverages. (Just try to snag a parking spot close to the tailgate!) The best part is you won’t need to lug around something big and bulky, and since it collapses, storage is a cinch. There’s a good amount of insulation so it’s not simply a picnic bag, as it can, in fact, hold ice. It comes with a rubberized waterproof zipper which doesn’t leak. Bonus: bottle opener attached to a carabiner included.

Igloo Tagalong 11-Qt Tailgate Insulated Ice Drink Bottle Cooler

Traveling light to the tailgate? No problem! This icy blue cooler holds bottles and drinks upright and features a fully insulated locking lid and lid gasket to help prevent spills and leakage. You can likely fit 10-12 cans, top it with ice and still be able to close the unit securely. It’s also taller (rather than oblong), so it easily fits glass bottles and bigger bottles like Gatorade. Built with the same toughness and performance of other high-end insulated ice chests, this handy little cooler is the perfect companion for a party of two.