6 Patio Dining Sets to Fit Any Budget

Image: Deposit Photos, ViewApart

6 Patio Dining Sets to Fit Any Budget

The warm sun of spring and summer naturally draws us out to gather, feast and relax in our home’s outdoor space, no matter how big or small. With the right pieces, you can make the most of even balconies and front porches.

Patio furniture exists in just about every type, style, color and texture you can think of. But no matter what you choose, go with the one that matches your mode of living. Here’s some patio dining sets to satisfy a variety of budgets while fulfilling your desires for entertaining.

Midland Acacia Patio Dining Set

Bring out natural elements and a relaxed feel with the amber glow of the acacia wood and gracefully curved arms of each of the seven artfully slatted pieces in this Midland Acacia set. Whether you’re having an intimate tête-à-tête or inviting the whole crew, the table adapts to your needs by expanding up to 79 inches, and also features an umbrella hole so you can stay shaded all day. Arcadia is a dense hardwood often used in boat building, so no need to question its resilience.

Darlee Elisabeth Bistro Set

This stylish outdoor furniture set ideally suits a two-person home. The small table offers just enough space to coaster a drink on either side of the built-in ice bucket in the center. On the swivel chairs and tabletop, the open design allows rain to pass through so it doesn’t puddle, and the moisture-resistant cushions make this set a durable choice to brace the elements. If you prefer metal frames, you can’t get any better than cast aluminum, which outperforms most others in strength, weight and the level of maintenance required.

Nassau Patio Dining Set

The beautiful, curved lattice design woven on the chair backs in cast aluminum echoes elegance, while the rounded corners create a relaxed, casual vibe. Made for more than supping around the 6-foot table, this 7-piece set includes not only four dining chairs but two swivel rockers to cap the ends while dining or relocate around your fire pit for intimate after-dinner cordials.

Travira Patio Bar Set

Turn your balcony or front porch into the nightly gathering spot with this narrow (only 30-inches wide), but long, high-top arrangement that fits six bar-height, sling-seat chairs in hot red, ideal for entertaining guests with cocktails and appetizers. The Tekwood poly material looks just like teak but offers greater durability and less care, and the endcaps on the legs avoid scuffing your surfaces.

Santa Anita Patio Dining Set

With a prime focus on comfort laced with elegance, this 11-piece set will accommodate even a very large family. The deep seating, which includes both dining chairs and rocker swivel chairs, is donned from top to bottom in plush cushion, so even after hours of lounging, eating and chatting on the veranda, you’ll feel only satisfied and cozy.

Darlee Monterey Sling Patio Dining Set

The sweeping deep curves and unique accents of this five-piece set will become the center of attention. With the unique woven mat-like material on the supportive chairs, you get the feel of a stately, modernized chair that becomes a fearless contender for the splash zone of a pool with its quick-drying, mildew-resistant ability. The antique-bronze powder coating is tough compared to lesser paint finishes, so you won’t need to worry about unsightly paint chipping either.