5 Luxury Gas Grills

5 Luxury Gas Grills

Backyard grillmasters, at one point or another, will ask themselves, ‘Should I buy a more expensive grill?’. In short, yes. Consider investing in a luxury grill if you want a high-performing appliance that has an abundance of features and is made with more durable materials to outlast time itself.

Lowball luxury grills can be found around the $2,000 mark and can go as high as $15,000. Sure, it’s easy to spend a conservative amount on a budget grill from a big box store, especially if you’re just starting out, but eventually (as much as it claims to be a champion grill) it will fail on you.

Think of it in terms of the car world: there are your economy brands that will surely do the job they were designed for. Then there are your flashy top-of the-line vehicles that will turn heads when you cruise down the highway.

If money is no object, check out these five luxury gas grills so that you can barbecue in style! The only question left now is do you get a stand-alone or built-in gas grill?

Napoleon Prestige

The solidly-built Napoleon Prestige is anything but tiny. Pushing out an impressive 123,000 BTUs in total, this unit was designed for high-capacity grilling. You will find the features not only to be cool, but also functional! The interior lights are helpful for seeing food at night or on dark, cloudy days, and the LED knobs glow red indicating that the burner is turned on. At first glance, you might dismiss the wavy-patterned cooking grids to be gimmicky, however they are a lifesaver when you realize how well-spaced they are, preventing food from sliding through. (Cue cringe-worthy flashback of all the burger patties that were lost in past cooking sessions on your last grill.)

Coyote S-Series

A 100% stainless steel built-in natural gas grill that has 875 sq. in. of cooking area and a removable rack to keep food warm until serving. This Coyote grill uses three, durable Infinity burners and one RapidSear infrared burner, which has been said to produce restaurant-quality steaks with the perfect grill marks to prove it. A knockout for sure, the polished edges are almost chrome-like and look especially stunning in the evening. Extra tip: The side burner works great for steaming mussels and clams (without stinking up the house!)

Weber Summit S-670

Said to be the envy of every backyard, the Weber Summit delivers in full: it smokes, rotisseries, chars and sears. Smaller grills just don’t compare to the heating power and flexibility of this Weber gas grill. With all the burners on, this grill has shown temperatures in excess of 800 degrees, which also make it clean easily with a wire brush before cooking. When drippings from the flavorizer bars hit the heated metal, they turn into great-smelling smoke that works its way into whatever’s on the grill. There is a lot of storage underneath the grill, especially if you get the natural gas one, which eliminates the need for a bulky propane tank.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond

A premium model such as the Echelon Diamond is renowned for its performance and innovation. With its advanced 4-zone digital thermometer and meat probe, you can use the touch screen controls to set temperatures, monitor cooking time and turn the internal lights on or off. You’ll get a reliable start up every time with the electric ignition, and the cooking grates heat up at rapid speed too, allowing you to begin grilling within minutes. Proudly made in the USA, the Echelon Diamond was constructed with quality and care, compared to other cheaply constructed grills on the market. It’s expensive, for sure, but many agree that it is worth the money.

Blaze Premium LTE

This 40-inch burner gas grill has a seamless design and flame-stabilizing grids that reduce any flare-ups. Speaking of flames, the novel heat zone separators spread out heat so it’s not all concentrated in one section of the grill. The Blaze Premium heavy, double-lined hood keeps all the heat inside and prevents any from seeping out, which would eventually cost you more in fuel. No headaches for clean-up here: the grease control system and large dripping tray to catch all drips and dirt from the grill make the after-cooking process easy and stress-free.

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