5 Home Bar Gadget Necessities

Image: Deposit photos, Fesenko

5 Home Bar Gadget Necessities

There are a few things you’ll need to complete your home bar ensemble. Make a mean Manhattan or a dangerous daiquiri with all the right accessories. Check out this list of must-have gadgets!


The margarita is likely one of the first drinks that comes to mind when you think of blended, frozen cocktails. The best blender for margaritas starts with great ice-crushing features, and the K150 3 Speed Ice Crushing Blender will not disappoint. It has no trouble breaking down ice (or frozen fruit when you want added flavor). Operating both easily and effectively, this sturdy machine won’t teeter when the blender is churning its contents. The large pitcher capacity and easy-serve spout set this one apart from the rest.

Cocktail shaker set

This high-quality, sleek Cocktail Shaker Set Bartender Kit is great for beginners who want to practice mixing drinks. Complete with 14 pieces, this set has all the tools you’ll need from the mixing spoon to a knife for cutting up fruits and celery.  Rest assured, the shaker is tight enough that it doesn’t leak, but not so tight that it is difficult to open when cold. As for presentation, with a perfect stainless-steel finish on the tools and each piece fitting neatly into the stylish wooden stand, you’ll fool your friends into thinking you’re a professional!

Wine Opener

Open a bottle of merlot in two simple steps: twist in the screw, placing the opener’s shortest step on the top of the bottle lip and then pivot up the handle. You can expect the Chef Craft Corkscrew to last for a few hundred uses, as it is well designed and far from flimsy. Slim when folded up to compactly fit into a drawer, but right by your side when you need it. Basic, functional and a great value: every home bartender needs a trusty wine opener like this in his arsenal.

Beer Layering Tool

If you enjoy beer, here is a different and dramatic way to serve up your favorite brews! The Perfect Black and Tan Beer Layering Tool is a nifty little gadget that will be your go-to when someone wants a flawless beer cocktail. Black and Tans (the combination of Guinness and Bass Ale…or Blue Moon…or Stella Artois) work because lighter beers will float to the top of heavier ones. Creating layered beer drinks is all about liquid density and gentle pouring so remember to pour slowly and you can easily turn a basic beer into a true novelty. Wow your buddies by making a couple of these simple yet stunning drinks.

Sphere Ice Mold  

Sure, you could use boring old square ice cubes like the rest of the world… or you can raise the bar by displaying elegant-looking glacier orbs at the bottom of your drink. The Peak Sphere Ice Mold makes the same large 2-1/2″ round ice “cubes” you would find in a traditional Old Fashioned. You should be able to remove the ice from the mold easily, as it is flexible enough to peel it back away from the ice. These will keep your cocktails cold without melting quickly and look great in just about any signature cocktail. Want to add even more flair? Squeeze a few drops of lime juice and simple syrup into the mold as you fill it with water– flavored ice can infuse drinks with additional elements over time!