5 Great Evaporative Coolers

5 Great Evaporative Coolers

The dog days of summer can really put a damper on backyard barbecues if your guests are sticky and uncomfortable. Luckily, evaporative air coolers are cost-effective solutions that can cool down outdoor spaces without overspending on electricity. They produce much lower emissions and cause far less noise pollution than traditional air conditioning units. Whether you’re looking to take it to the tailgate or would rather keep it stationary on the patio deck, an evaporative cooler will deliver cool, refreshing air when you need it the most.

The Hessaire MC37A is a powerful evaporative cooler featuring a digital control panel and timer that can be set anywhere from 30 minutes up to eight hours and automatically shuts off after the time limit. It’s relatively quiet, even on high speed, and easy to move thanks to the robust 5″ caster wheels. The air stream has a wide spot coverage; and the throw on all 3 speed settings is impressive, immediately cooling down areas up to 950 square feet. The oscillating feature triples the air flow spread, so it’s a great unit for cooling wider spaces.

Designed with a nylon fan blade capable of pushing 2,900 CFM of cool air into spaces up to 750 square feet, an Arizona KoolKube AZ39MA might be just what you need to receive immediate relief on a stifling afternoon. This top-performing mobile cooler is equipped to supply continuous water fill allowing hassle-free use for as long as you need it. Simply turn on the oscillating left to right louvers to spread cool air around your space or turn oscillation off for direct cooling in one place.

Honeywell’s CO48PM is a UV and weather resistant evaporative cooler with a 10.6-gallon water tank, making it a reliable companion on hot summer days, while only consuming 150 watts of power. Ideal for covered patios, screened-in porches and garages, the unit can crank out cool air up to 610 sq. ft. It has an on/off switch to enable oscillating or straight-forward air movement as well as V-vents to move the cool air up or down. You also have the option to add ice, which makes this wide range air cooler a must-have in hot weather!

Running on a standard 110-volt outlet and water, the Cajun Kooling KC3000-S makes use of its four fan speed options to cool the air down 10-25 degrees, even in very humid climates. With the built-in waterproof touch pad and remote control, the KC3000-S brings a modernized touch to what might look like an archaic fan, but it does much more than that! The 10-gallon water reservoir allows for up to eight hours of cooling at a time and does not require chemicals or a compressor. Plus, the reusable, waterproof filters guarantee you’ll be using this unit long-term.

The Honeywell 525 is a well-designed evaporative cooler that can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s smooth, sleek exterior set in an attractive dark grey gives it a leg up in appearance compared to most other models.  Many have praised this evaporative cooler for being surprisingly remarkable: it pushes a lot of air, and the water tank is ample enough for a night of cooling. However, it’s not silent – you’ll hear it running when it’s turned on, but perhaps the white noise effect can be calming if you’re sleeping through a particularly humid night!