5 BBQ Gifts From $25-$50

5 BBQ Gifts From $25-$50

This Christmas, why not give the backyard BBQ pitmaster in your life a gift that they will actually use and enjoy throughout the year? Here are five practical gifts from $25-$50 that are guaranteed to bring a smile to the grill guru in your life.

GrillGrate Surface Set with Grate Tool

Give your grill a makeover with GrillGrate interlocking panels that fit over any grill surface to amplify heat, even out hot/cold spots and reduce flare-ups. Made from hard anodized aluminum, this provides more efficient heat conductivity compared to cast iron or steel, delivering fast, even cooking, and perfect sear lines. The underside pattern blocks flare-ups, preventing food from charring or drying out. Juices and drippings from your food fall into the hot valleys between the grates, sizzling and steaming into flavor. The GrateTool prongs fit between and below the rails to lift food off the grill and doubles as a cleaning tool.

Napoleon PRO 6-Piece Knife Set

Make mealtime a joy with Napoleon Grill Accessories. This six-piece PRO Series knife set features a seamless, single piece stainless steel construction that is durable and long lasting. The knife handles are smooth, rounded, and provides an ambi-ergo feel making them easy to hold if you are a right or left-handed person. The knives perfectly balanced, sharpened, and ready for immediate use. This set is the perfect accessory to compliment your outdoor cooking experience. This knife set includes a 13.5-inch chef’s knife, a 12.75-inch carving fork and four (4) 9.5-inch serrated steak knives.

Drip EZ BBQ Prep Tub

For mess-free prep for your next BBQ, the Drip EZ Prep Tub has you covered! This orange tub is perfect for applying dry rubs or marinades without spilling. It also collapses so you can use the built-in cutting board after your food comes off the grill. After prep is done, clean it out and fill it with ice to keep your beverages cold. The collapsible design makes the Drip EZ tub compact for space-saving storage. A lid is included for using the tub for temporary food storage.

Infrared Surface Thermometer

Get instant readings from up to 5 feet away with the BBQGuys Signature Infrared Surface Thermometer. This contact-free thermometer features a laser pointer with pinpoint accuracy giving you precise grill surfaces temperatures. The large, back-lit LCD display shows readings that range from -58 to 1022 degrees Fahrenheit. Use this thermometer on your stove or BBQ to check for hot and cold spots. It also includes a 2-minute auto shut-off feature to conserve battery energy. The thermometer requires a 9V battery to operate.

Stainless Steel Smoker Box

This magic, 6×6 inch stainless steel box turns any grill into a smoker and cooker. Simply fill the box with wood chunks, place it on the grill with the lid off, and get the fire started with a couple of fire starters. Wait about five minutes to get a good amount of heat and smoke started, and then put the lid back on the box. You are ready to start smoking! The SmokerCooker will heat and maintain a temperature between 85 and 105 degrees without any gas or charcoal required. The top of the box will get hot enough to sear. Stay safe, and never touch a hot smoker box.