10 Cool Camping Gear Essential Items

Image: Creative Commons, PxHere

10 Cool Camping Gear Essential Items

Whether you’re heading out on your first excursion, a veteran camper, or looking for a gift for someone in your life, having all the right gear is vital to a great trip! Keep reading below for our list of some cool camping gear, gadgets, and gifts.

1. Cooking Tools

Everyone has to eat! Whatever you’re cooking up, there’s no need to go barebones when making your meals in the wilderness. Bringing along a camping cooking kit helps you make easy camping meals in all settings. Kits designed specifically for use by campers are versatile, made to weather the elements, and useful no matter what your campsite may look like.

2. Insulated Cups, Mugs, and Coolers

Without refrigerators and microwaves, keeping your beverages and food good may require some specialized equipment. With the proper large coolers and insulated cups, there’s no need to leave quality at home. If you aren’t sure which is right for your needs, most products will have temperature and size recommendations on the packaging. No matter what you use, make sure you are storing your meat properly and safely. 

3. Clothing

The camper in your life can never have too much clothing made for the outdoors. This durable, comfortable, and high-quality clothing is great for not only time spent hiking, but also for everyday wear.

4. The Perfect Tent

While it may seem obvious, having the right tent is critical! There’s everything from basic one-person tents with a simple tarp to more extravagant options that feature built-in pockets, screen windows, and even additional space outside of the sleeping area in a pop-up second room. Whether or not the tent comes with insect and rain coverings is also an important consideration.

5. Portable Charging

Though camping often provides an escape from many modern trappings and electronics, you’ll still want to make sure you can keep your phone and other necessities charged in case of an emergency. With this in mind, portable power packs are a great gadget to bring along on your rip. You can charge the device itself at your home or in your vehicle before heading off and use it to keep your electronics ready to go throughout your camping trip.

6. Emergency and Trauma Kits

An emergency preparedness kit is always a must-have. While you hope it’s never needed, you’ll certainly be glad you brought it if it is. These kits often come with flares, medical necessities, food, and other survival must-haves. Be sure not to overlook this potentially life-saving component when packing your gear. 

7. Firestarters

Fire starting logs and other packaged kindling are readily available to help get the heat going and keep fires burning longer. While firewood and matches are still required, fire starters can make the process quick and easy.

8. Utility Tools

With space and weight always being a consideration, multi-use utility tools are a highly useful gadget to have on any trip. From combination knives to hammers and screwdrivers, and other tools, there are several effective multi-function devices available to increase your efficiency.

9. Games

Often an afterthought, entertainment is a crucial part of any getaway! From bag toss games to Bluetooth speakers, bringing along the fun goes a long way toward making memories on a trip, no matter the destination. Be sure to consider the size of your party and bring enough to entertain the group!

10. Flashlights and Lanterns

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget about lighting up the night. Unless you’re bringing along a pair of night-vision goggles, reliable flashlights and lanterns should be on every camper’s list. Lanterns can illuminate an entire campsite, and flashlights are obviously needed for everything from looking through the back of the car in the dark to nighttime hikes to the stargazing hill.

Get Ready for the Wild

When it comes to prepping for the great outdoors, these are the top 10 things to bring — or give to that special camper in your life! From shelter to warm, wonderful meals, we hope this guide to cool camping gear helps you feel ready to take on the wild with confidence!