Smothered Tater Tots
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Courtesy of Shannon Morgan on Instagram @biggreeneggfoodie

Smothered Tater Tots

"This dish is so versatile. Use any leftover meat on-hand or no meat. Don’t have cheddar or mozzarella? Toss in Monterey jack. Cilantro hater? Add green onions. No black beans? Omit or use pinto beans."

Serves: 8–10 as appetizer


1 bag frozen tater tots

1/3 brick of cream cheese

2 grilled Italian sausages, sliced

1 cup smoked pull pork, shredded

1/2 can black beans, drained and rinsed

2 cups mixture of shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese

1 jalapeno, sliced


For the toppings:

1/4 cup barbecue sauce

1 tomato, diced

1/2 cup sour cream

1/4 bunch cilantro, chopped

Add about 2/3 of a bag of frozen tater tots into a 10-inch, cast-iron pan.

Cut the cream cheese into small chunks and drop them among the tots (my secret ingredient for smothered tots and nachos. The cream cheese is a great creamy, surprise).

Top with the rest of the ingredients.

Cover loosely with foil and bake over indirect heat on the Big Green Egg or your oven at 400°F for about 40 minutes. Uncover and bake an additional 5 minutes.

Drizzle with barbecue sauce, and top with diced tomatoes, diced cilantro and a dollop of sour cream, if desired.