Cranberry Teriyaki Chicken
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Cranberry Teriyaki Chicken

"Patti and i wanted something fun and festive, and Cranberry Teriyaki Chicken fit the bill. We used a really easy marinade made with just three ingredients. The recipe makes plenty, so Patti could have her favorite chicken legs, and I could have several chicken breasts. Chef of the Future Coconut Curry Seasoning added another delicious layer of sweet and savory flavor. I’m glad we made a lot because it was great cold for our picnic lunch the next day."

Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes at 400°F Grill: Louisiana Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker Pellets: Pacific Pellet Gourmet BBQ Pellet Northwest Apple


5 pounds of your favorite chicken parts

2 cups bottled teriyaki sauce

1 14-ounce can jellied cranberry sauce

1 tablespoon Chef of the Future Coconut

Curry Seasoning

In a medium sauce pot simmer marinade ingredients for about 5 minutes or until cranberry sauce is melted. Cool. In a large freezer bag, add chicken and pour marinade into bag. Marinate for at least 4 hours, or preferably overnight.  

Preheat grill grates to 400°F, and place your chicken on for 10 minutes per side. I like to do a quarter turn at the halfway point for those beautiful flavor bars. 

When the meat reaches an internal temperature around 175°F pull it off, cover, and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes before serving. The USDA safe temperature is 165°F, but I like the higher temp for chicken because I think the meat flakes apart better. Keep in mind that the meat will continue cooking for another 5 to 10 degrees after you pull it off the grill. I use a Maverick ProTemp Instant Read Thermometer for checking meat temps.  

Remember that a recipe is simply an outline; it is not written in stone. Don’t be afraid to make changes to suit your taste. Take it and run with it.