True Made Foods – Real Flavor From Real Veggies!
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True Made Foods – Real Flavor From Real Veggies!

True Made Foods brings real flavor to every meal by adding more than a full serving of real vegetables in every bottle, making our sauces naturally sweet!

Vegetable Ketchup   

We’ve reinvented ketchup from the ground up with 50% less sugar and over a full serving of vegetables in every bottle. Spinach, Carrots and Butternut Squash are cooked into every bottle, naturally sweetening our Ketchup and turning this once empty calorie, American staple into a paleo friendly, superfood.

Veracha – Vegetable Sriracha

We took out the sugar and added vegetables instead. Still the same heat, texture and vinegar, garlic flavor of your favorite Sriracha but minus the sugar and preservatives.  Our Veracha – Vegetable Sriracha is naturally sweetened with tomatoes, spinach, carrots and butternut squash. We turned America’s favorite hot sauce into a paleo certified, super food loaded with nutrition.

Vegetable BBQ Sauce 

A Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce remastered like never before. We took out the corn-syrup and added vegetables – spinach, carrots and butternut squash in every bottle. We turned America’s favorite BBQ Sauce into a paleo friendly, superfood. Backyard barbecues just got better! Our award-winning BBQ sauce has half the sugar and the lowest calories of any barbecue sauce. Pour on the vegetables!

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