J. Christopher Co. Original Spice Rubs
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J. Christopher Co. Original Spice Rubs

Check out this tailgating or backyard BBQ cooking essential from our new partner, J Christopher Co! Be sure to include THE RUB on your tailgate checklist!

THE RUB is very low in salt on purpose, it was our goal. We use the balance of the spices to bring out the flavor in your favorite dishes. Everything from BBQ meats and veggies, fish, roast chicken, omelets, fresh & cooked veggies, chip & popcorn topper, hummus, even ice cream. You will love it! Find your own new use!

THE RUB’s main ingredient is Sumac. A tart, bright and high acid spice, it’s known for having high levels of Vitamin C & Potassium, it supports a healthy diabetic diet, anti-inflammatory diets, and Sumac bran ranks #2 on the ORAC chart. (you live longer!)

Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself and see the difference THE RUB can make in your everyday cooking.

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