Wine Subscriptions Make Perfect Gifts
Expert Advice

Image: Deposit Photos, Syda_Productions

Wine has a universal appeal. Instead of getting someone a gift card for their birthday, anniversary, or housewarming, you can add a touch of sophistication and thoughtfulness by getting them a wine subscription. It shows that you’ve put some consideration into the gift, especially when you choose a wine that aligns with the recipient’s taste, but also allowing them variety to swap out their selection every so often. Take a look at our favorite picks.

FirstLeaf: 90+ Point Picks Mixed bundle

This 12-wine collection features an assortment of reds, whites and rosés with impressive accolades. The FogBreak Pinot Blanc in this box earned its “Best of Monterey County” title for its beautiful blend of fresh floral aromas with lemon zest, apple, and pear notes. It pairs perfectly with roast chicken, salad, and other light meats. You’ll also get the Masterworks Series Sangiovese, which boasts complex cedar, vanilla, red cherry, and blueberry notes.

FirstLeaf: Sparkling Celebration

Did someone “say yes”? Engagement parties are just one of the many occasions to celebrate this fall season. The Sparkling Celebration box has six bottles (three sets of two) to ensure you are fully stocked! In comes the fruity California sparkler, a Laureleé Brut, which delights the senses with biscuity aromas joined by juicy red apple and pear flavors. And it wouldn’t be a proper bridal shower without something pink and bubbly—that’s why there’s the Prima Foglia Prosecco Rosé, offering fresh floral aromas and uplifting pomegranate cherry notes.

Bright Cellars: Dinner Party Bundle

Want to impress the in-laws or your office colleagues at your dinner party? Win host of the year with these stellar wines. A crowd favorite is the Cabernet Sauvignon hailing from the wine region of Chile. The medium-bodied wine is on the drier side and goes great with grilled tri tip or flank steak you’re serving up. This bundle even includes two non-alcoholic wines for guests who are the designated drivers or who just simply prefer not to drink, but still want to be included in the fun.

Splash Wines: Red Blends Do It Better

SplashWines understands that winemaking is more of an art than a science when it comes to their blends. “Red blend” refers to red wines that are made from different types of grapes blended together, rather than a wine made from just one single type of grape. With 15 blends to choose from in this package, curated from grapes all over the world, it’s like going to a museum and getting to drink the exhibits!

Splash Wines: Ultimate Boxed Wine Sampler

It might take you a week to finish the whole bottle if you’re drinking one glass per night. Boxed wine has a major advantage because the wine is situated in a bag; essentially, it can be opened and poured out glass by glass, and will remain drinkable it for weeks! This expanded collection features six different boxes (which means 24 bottles of wine, equivalent to less than five bucks a bottle—so it’s basically like you’re saving money).