What Does Your Yard Say to Potential Home Buyers?
Expert Advice

Image: Deposit Photos, lenamilovzorova

More than 75% of Americans who have a yard say it’s one of the most important parts of their home. Whether it’s a patio deck, with a pool, for backyard BBQ parties, a children’s playground, or a dream garden, we all love hanging out in the backyard.  And, when it comes time to sell your home, it’s an important feature for buyers.  With the continued importance of outdoor space, what does your yard say to potential home buyers?

It could make or break a deal. Our friends at the TurfMutt Foundation outline these five messages your yard sends to potential buyers.

1. This home is worth viewing.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, and your yard is a huge part of your home’s curb appeal. Set a welcoming vibe with cared-for landscaping and color that invites buyers to imagine themselves living here.

2. This home is well cared for.

The condition of your yard gives buyers a glimpse at what they can expect inside. A manicured lawn, clean flower beds, fresh mulch and flowering plants sends the message that you care for your entire home – not just the yard.

3. My kids and pets will be safe here.

Many families shopping for a new home want space where their kids and/or pets can play safely. Buyers in this category will be drawn to properties that offer large grassy areas, fenced yards, and shade trees for cooling off under during hot days.

4. This yard will support our lifestyle.

Outdoor living is a way of life now, so more than anything buyers will want to be able to envision themselves outdoors. Just like you stage interior spaces, you can also set up your outdoor space to illustrate your yard’s potential for any type of buyer. Set up some lawn games in your grass. Set a patio or picnic table for a feast to set the scene for outdoor dining. Use plants to create privacy, camouflage unsightly HVAC or pool equipment, and to fashion boundaries between various activity areas.

5. This yard will assist pollinators & other wildlife.

Nature starts in your backyard, providing habitat and food for birds, butterflies, bees and more. Potential buyers will see flowering plants, trees, and shrubs as a way to connect to the natural world around them on a micro-level while doing some good for the planet.