Backyard BBQ Summer Party Hosting Tips
Expert Advice

The season of kicking back with a beer in your backyard is approaching. Make the most of your get-togethers this summer by making sure that you have everything you need to entertain your guests properly. Now’s the time to prep for all the activities that come along with it. Get ready to entertain your friends and family with a backyard BBQ. Just follow these simple summer party hosting tips as you entertain guests in your home.

Prep the Grill

Your grill has likely been out of commission for quite some time when the warm weather returns. So, you can imagine that it’s not in the best state. Get a head start on cleaning every inch of the grill. Hose down the grill and its lid to rinse out any residual ash or grease.

Once the hose has done all it can, put on gloves and start scrubbing. Fill a bucket with hot water and either dish soap or a degreaser. Use a plastic scour pad. If you go with dish soap, scrub the entire firebox and the grates with the soapy water. Let them dry overnight before trying to operate them.

Buy Everything Fresh

Visit butcher shops or locations that you know source the meat locally and bring in fresh supplies. Guests will take a bite and think you’re a wizard on the grill.

Half of their satisfaction will come from your excellent chef skills, and the other half will come from the freshness of the meat. The same goes for the vegetables and sides you plan to incorporate. Instead of going to the grocery store, consider going to the farmers market for some extremely fresh greens.

Build a Bar

What’s a tailgate or backyard barbecue party without the proper libations? It will eventually get hot, and everyone will want to quench their thirst with a delicious beverage. Impress them with your amazing bartending skills.

You can still keep some of the drinks inside a cooler, but consider building a fold-down Murphy bar on your home’s exterior. You don’t need to worry about it taking up too much space. Also, it gives the feel of being inside a bar without the outrageous bar prices.

Get a Playlist Going

The day won’t be complete without music. You could take the plunge and hire a DJ or go the easier and cheaper route. Start building a backyard barbecue party playlist. Consider who is coming over and include music you know they’ll enjoy.

Toss in a couple of throwbacks so that guests can take a trip down memory lane. Getting nostalgic with good music in the air and delicious food in their bellies will make for an amazing night. And that’s what you want. Everyone should have so much fun they never want to go home.

Don’t wait too long to gather everything you need to entertain guests in your home. These summer party hosting tips will help you pull off the best backyard BBQ party ever!