Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle for Tailgating
Expert Advice

Tailgate parties are synonymous with sports events and dedicated fans are eager to kick off the festivities before the big game. With the right preparation, you can transform your automobile into a tailgating machine loaded with everything you need. Utilize these tips to prepare your vehicle for tailgating and elevate your pre-game celebrations to the next level.

Clean Out Your Car for a Blank Slate

The first thing to do when preparing your vehicle for tailgating is to clean your car thoroughly. Remove all unnecessary items, throw away garbage, and vacuum the seats and floor mats. Starting with a clean vehicle gives you a blank canvas to build your dream tailgating experience. A clutter-free car also ensures that you’ll have plenty of space for guests and tailgating essentials.

Expand Your Storage Capacity

While you might have a sizable trunk, utilizing your vehicle’s full storage potential can mean the difference between a cramped tailgate and a spacious one. Consider investing in a roof rack or cargo carrier to store chairs, coolers, and other bulky items. Trunk organizers or cargo nets can help compartmentalize your gear and maximize your trunk’s storage capabilities. These storage solutions will create more room for your tailgating supplies and keep them organized. Whether you’re tackling your next overlanding trip or tailgating at the game, follow these tips for optimizing storage.

Learn the Best Packing Strategies

Mastering the art of packing is essential to ensure your tailgate goes off without a hitch. Here are a few crucial packing tips to keep in mind:

  • Pack items in the order you’ll need them. Load the gear you’ll need first (such as your grill and tables) on top or in easy-to-access areas.
  • Secure loose items in containers to prevent spills or damage. Use bins or heavy-duty zipper bags to store delicate or smaller items.
  • Utilize ice packs and freezer bags to keep perishable food items fresh during transport.

Prepare Your Vehicle’s Trunk/Bed

If you’re using a truck bed or SUV cargo area for your tailgating essentials, take a few extra steps to ensure a convenient and efficient setup. Place a non-slip mat in the cargo area to protect your vehicle’s interior. Avoid overloading your trunk or bed and test the suspension to prevent excessive weight. Use bungee cords, straps, or cargo nets to secure larger or oddly shaped items while on the move.

As you plan your perfect tailgating party, check your vehicle’s maintenance beyond the trunk and bed, including tire pressure, oil levels, and brake lights, to ensure a safe drive to and from the game. Abide by the venue’s rules, practice responsible tailgating, and be ready for unpredictable weather with canopies or tarps.

By following these tips to prepare your vehicle for tailgating, you’ll impress your fellow sports fans with your impeccable organizational skills and create an unforgettable experience for you and your friends. Pack your favorite jerseys, bring your favorite snacks and drinks, and hit the road confidently.