Tips for Tailgating With Your Dog
Expert Advice

If you watch every game with your dog beside you on the couch, why not bring them to the tailgate? Here are a few tips for bringing your dog to the tailgate.

While tailgating may not be the go-to option for watching the game this year, when it is safe again, you and your dog will both be ready to get out of the house for some tailgating fun. Here are some tips for tailgating with your dog so that you can both support your favorite team.

Dog-Friendly Venues

The first step in planning to bring your four-legged companion to the tailgate is to make sure the venue is dog-friendly. The last thing you’ll want to do is get turned away at the gate. Check that your dog is allowed at the tailgate and don’t plan to bring your dog if you intend to enter the game. They won’t want to be left in the car while you’re inside.

How Do They Feel About Crowds?

If your dog has never been in a big crowd before, a tailgate isn’t the best place to try it out. Tailgates are crowded and noisy, which can be stressful for your dog. Let your dog adjust to smaller crowds before jumping into tailgating with them.

If your dog is already a crowd lover, then you’re all set to bring your dog. Just be aware of your surroundings as you may have fellow fans approach often to pet your pup.

Get Them a Jersey

Your dog can’t come to the tailgate without representing their team. Get your dog a jersey to join the fandom and help keep them warm on chillier fall game days.

Keep a Short Leash

Tailgates are full of opportunities for your dog to get into mischief. Keep your dog on a short leash to stop them from snagging a hotdog off the food table or wandering to another group’s tailgate zone.

Bring the Necessities

Just like any other adventure or road trip you may take with your dog, a tailgate requires time spent in the car and long hours away from home. For this reason, you’ll need to pack the necessities. Bring plenty of water, food, snacks, waste bags, and a toy or two for comfort.

These are just a few tips for tailgating with your dog that will have you both ready to take on gameday when traditional tailgating resumes.