Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean
Expert Advice

Without the amenities that you receive from watching the game on your couch, like an easily accessible kitchen, tailgating can get messy. Unfortunately, when tailgating gets messy, so does your vehicle. Check out these tips for keeping your car clean during tailgating season.

Make Space

First and foremost, you can’t arrive at the tailgate with a cluttered car. You’re going to need space for all your tailgating equipment, and you’ll also want to use your trunk space for seating and set up. Make sure that before you show up to the game you organize your trunk space and leave plenty of extra room for your portable grill, chairs, speakers, and other tailgating necessities.

Bring a Mini Vacuum

It’s only a matter of time before someone spills the potato chips all over your vehicle’s interior. Have a portable vacuum on deck to tackle any messes so you don’t have to take the mess home with you. Aside from having a mini vacuum cleaner, it’s a good idea to invest in high-quality car seat covers. Your clothes can accumulate dust, pollen, and other debris from the outside environment, and if you sit directly on your car seats, there’s a risk of ruining them. This is especially true if you engage in activities like tailgating, where you and your friends might be waiting for a game and cooking barbecue. If some sauce or pieces of meat fall on your car seat, they could stain them permanently. By using car seat covers, you can protect your car seats and avoid worrying about them during tailgating events.

Invest in Rubber Mats

If you’re an avid tailgater, you should have rubber mats in your car. Rubber mats will keep your car’s interior clean after you’ve been tailgating in a muddy parking lot, and it’ll make the spilled beer in your trunk easy to wipe clean.

Avoid Frequent Trips To the Car

With all the right amenities, you shouldn’t have to enter your car often. Make sure you have all the essentials like chairs, folding tables, and tents so you won’t have to head back to the car to avoid a rainstorm or give your feet a rest. Similarly, make sure to bring all supplies out of the car and set up a designated area for things like napkins and utensils. This way, other tailgaters won’t have to rummage through your car for the paper towels after handling a dozen wings.

Tailgating can quickly become a messy venture if you don’t prepare accordingly. The mess can also easily travel into your car, ruining your interior and leaving a big mess to clean after the game. Use a few of these tips for keeping your car clean at the next tailgate.