Tips for Improving Your BBQ Grilling Skills
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Image: Deposit Photos, fedorovacz

Grilled meats are a staple of game day whether you’re homegating in the backyard or tailgating in the stadium parking lot.  Here are some tips for improving your BBQ grilling game.

There’s no better food for tailgating than barbecue on a portable grill. Even if you’re enjoying the game at home, grilling is an excellent way to spend time with friends and family while also a chance to flex your skill as the Grillmaster. To help elevate your experience on game day, here are some tips for improving your barbecue grilling skills.

Oiling the Grates

To keep your meat from sticking to the grill, oil your grill’s grates. This is best done by pouring cooking oil into a small bowl and using a folded paper towel to apply it. You’ll want the grates to be warm for this, so use your tongs to rub the paper towel and apply the oil safely.

This is an essential tip for improving your barbecue because, while it may be tempting to use non-stick spray, this can be extremely dangerous. Cooking spray can easily ignite, which is a good way to accidentally singe yourself with a fireball.

Cooking Wood

While there’s nothing wrong with charcoal, using cooking wood can take your barbecue to the next level. Cooking wood is a great way to “augment” your food because each type of wood offers different aromas and flavors that you can infuse into your meats. For example, mesquite wood is great for providing your meat with a richer, smokier aroma and taste, while applewood is the ideal choice for those that prefer a sweeter taste to their meats.

Seasoning a New Grill

If you just got yourself a new grill, you may be anxious to start cooking with it as soon as possible. However, before you start, there’s a process called “seasoning the grill” that you’ll want to do first before getting any food involved.

To season your grill, run it at maximum heat with the lid down for about 30 minutes. Afterward, open the lip and let the grill run for another 5 minutes. This will burn off any chemicals or debris left over from the manufacturing process – it’s also an excellent opportunity to get familiar with your new grill.

Once you follow these tips for improving your BBQ grilling skills you can thank us later as you will be the hit of your tailgate party.